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Act Da Fool

I like the way paper bags look.
I like when a balloon gets all fucked up, and pops, and everyone gets scared.
I used to call my dad Saint Nick, cuz he fat as hell, and he always walking around with a red hat on.
I believe that the earth is a big ball of shit. That's why the dinosaurs died out.
And everyone gonna die sooner or later. That's why I love cigarettes so much. I hope I don't die for a long time though. I still got things I wanna look at.

This town stinks. Most people here don't even have names. Everyone's just passing through. Fuck this town.

Sometimes I can spend up to an hour staring at a bird on a tree. I wish I was that bird and I could just fly away.

I like the way animals hang out in the trash and parking lot.
My friends and I are a gang of fools.

We can act like wild animals. We can do some messed-up shit. We act like little babies sometimes.
It's us against the world.

One day we got so drunk I thought I heard God speaking to me. Say: If you don't stop, then I'm gonna kick your stupid ass up and down this sidewalk. How come God gotta be so violent, I thought.

I ain't go to church no more. Church can suck it.

I think the stars hold the secrets. The stars be shinin' at night, bright as hell. They say: Look at me, look up here, I'm up here. They call out: We love you girls. We really love you. We would never leave you. Just be good to one another. You can make it out this dead-end town. Fuck everyone else.
The world want us to be happy. And i trust the stars. The stars ain't ever lie yet. Every night they say the same thing. The stars ain't never gonna leave us. 
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Мои мысли по ходу просмотра: Оооооо, какая атмосфера..... ууууух ты...... так, я не поня....... оооооууууууу это прекрасно....... ШТО?!?!?!
Короче понравился фильм. Но по ходу придётся книгу прочесть.

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