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Пол: женский
Дата рождения: 30 октября 1987 (33 лет)
Место жительства: 4erepovetz-Spb
E-mail: lonlysinner@mail.ru
MSN: cyb3rs1nn3r@hotmail.com
Интересы: 8 bit, absinthe, acid, alcohol, alternative fashion, androids, ANIME, anorexic boys, BASS guitarists, biohazard, biomechaniod, bloody dead and sexy, body modification, big boots, big hair, big make up, bisexuality, beauty, black clothes, brutal, BLOOD, BLUE color, COSPLAY, clubbing, corsets, creativity, cyber, cyber culture, cybers, cyberoptix, cyberpunk, cybertart, cyberdog clothing, cyberwear, dancing, darkness, dark electro, deadworld, deathrock, dimonia, doctors and nurses, dreadlocks, dolls, EBM, EMOBOYS, erotic photography, erotic films, fetish, fetish modeling, fetish models, freaks, femme boys, fruits, fluffy hair, future fashion, future nations, futurepunk, futuristic design, glasses, goth, goth culture, goth music, gothic, gothic boys, gothic girls, gothic music, guys in make-up, horror, harajuku, HARDWARE, industrial nation, INTERNET, JAPAN culture, j-rock, japan boys, hair, latex, love metal, LOVE, matriXXX, MUSIC, make-up, masturbation, meeting new people, medical esthetic, MYSPACE, NARUTO, Nero Bellum, neon, neo, neophyte, new rocks, naked people, Orohimaru, orgasm, photography, photoshop, piercings, PEACE, pin-up, plastic, platform boots, platforms, pretty boys, psychobilly, psychopaths, post-apocalyptic fashion, pictures, power electronics, robotics, robots, rubber, sexuality, sex, scandinavia countries, skulls, stars, synthetic hair, sream, swear boots, synthetics, tatoo, technology, terror ebm, transformers, vampire hunter d, vampires, unnatural beauty, unreal people, unnatural hair colors, urban
О себе: I am not the best person in the world, I am not beautiful, I am not a genius, I am not rich and I am not liked by everyone but I am me and that is all that really matters. If you don't like it then don't read on, leave me alone and get on with your own sorry little life. If you do like it then you are welcome to come inside the darkness that is my mind but don't be surprised my what you read. Please comment when you wish and if I know you please add yourself here
Photo, photoshop, modeling, Dead experimental MODEL style, FREAK MODEL, fashion, vouge, CLUBING, __Step™ Dancer__, Dance floor star, PR, promogroup, leader of ROBOTIC ARMY, leader of the WATER BATTLE, Saint Future People Clan(Sfpc) member
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