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Настоящее имя: nataliya
Пол: женский
Дата рождения: 16 сентября 1982 (39 лет)
Место жительства: usa
E-mail: mansonn@ukr.net
MSN: lonelywoods@hotmail.com
WWW: face book
Интересы: fashion, design, art, music, death metal, opera, tattoos, work
О себе: Take my hand
I'm a stranger in paradise
All lost in a wonderland
A stranger in paradise
If I stand starry-eyed
That's the danger in paradise
For mortals who stand beside an angel like you
I saw your face ascending
Out of the common place and into the rare
Now somewhere out in space I hang suspended
Until I'm certain that there's a chance that you care
Won't you answer this fervent prayer
Of a stranger in paradise
Don't send me in dark despair
From all that I hunger for
But open your angel's arms
To this stranger in paradise
And tell him that he need be
A stranger no more
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