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Фото Almandinka
Пол: женский
Дата рождения: 21 февраля 1989 (31 лет)
Место жительства: Питер
WWW: http://daryashishkina.com/
Интересы: 18 eyelids, a full moon, a rain, a snow, a thunder-storm, a virtual reality, adventures, an aquarium, angel, antiques, archeology, architecture, art, bach, bbc, birds, calvados, cartoon films, chains, christianity, classical music, classics, classics of cinema, closets, collecting, comedies, creativity, culture, dawn, dead can dance, declines, design, dialogue, documentary cinema, dramas, dramatic art, dreams, east philosophy, education, england, enigma, enya, epica, era, evening, fantasy, flight, flowers, foreign languages, frank duval, freidrich, friendship, german cinema, germany, glass, gothic music, gothic style, graphic arts, green tea, gregorian, haggard, historical cinema, horrors, impressionism, in extremo, journalism, knitting, lacrimosa, lake of tears, loneliness, meetings with friends, navigation, night, pank is a culture, photo, photoshop, pink floyd, plays, poetry - lyrics city, poetry - medieval european, pomegranate, prose, prose - a fantasy, prose - horrors, psychology, qntal, rammstein, realism, reflections, remarque, romanticism, roofs, russian artists, saltatia mortis, scorpions, scripts, sculpture, shynkel, silver, sol invictus, summer, taschen, tea green, the actor, the cure, the english cinema, the european cinema, the hollywood cinema, the lord of rings, the moon, the sea, the sky, the star sky, the translator, theatres des vampires, therion, tristania, twilight, umbra et imago, vampires, vanessa mae, verdi, wings, winter, within temptation, x-japan, xandria
О себе: Angel of fire or Angel of cold...
Tell me where is your home?
You lost your way in this endless land,
You're searching for love, but there is only hate around..
How can you live in this world?..
All souls are welcome you in mystic chamber of night...
All stars are singing when you are flying in the sky..
Where is your home?
Far.. Far from Earth...
But you lost your way in this endless land..
And you can't return..
You're still searching...
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