перед отъездом

Being ready to commit to something or someone is, perhaps, one of the biggest problems for a Sagittarius... We are so... here and there and everywhere, you cannot truly understand where our minds are at the moment. yeah, well, I somehow managed to deal with it through all these years, by simply doing one thing at a time, e.g. today I learn playing the trumpet, yesterday was the Chinese language day, tomorrow I'll do some photoshopping and singing, the day after tomorrow I'll go to the theater... but it doesn't give the whole picture of how I wish to live my life... And even though I want to be like Muumipappa, writing some memoirs like "Muumipappa ja meri" (Muumipappa and the sea) while wearing a hat (hehe), there must be something to write about before the actual writing. And the moment came when I realize that I really wish to commit to something, truly with all my heart. And that moment came with... the phone call from my past life. Do they really want me there? but I'm changed, I cannot be fooled so easily this time. Yes, I'm changed, but they haven't changed at all. I have to stay focused and alert. And one day, hopefully soon, I will be able to fully commit to what I think is my destiny, well, at least a very big part of it for it's been written even before I was born... And for now, I continue my ride as a true Sagittarius, balancing my life between the 2 roads. People think the roads are so different, but it's only in my power to make those 2 roads become one path.
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