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Вот! Я ищу что-нибудь... Я бы хотела подарок о Святой Валентине для мойа мальчика в магазйне. ))) Кое-кто люблите шутить! Я её позабавила из-за эта сцена. Вот ПИНК ПАНТЕР с его подругй.



About friendship :))

"Den Freunde geh'n mir über alles.. Immer. Ich werd' immer für dich sein. Für immer." -> "Because friends are most important for me.. Always. I will be always there for you. Forever."

What the Hell?? Dragon Naturally Speaking!!! :))

I don't know if some of you are trying to write whatever you want (professional documents, hobby of writing or making it a profession)... I don't know if you ever used микрофон for speech/writing documents. Well, I had the pity to use a program called "Dragon Naturally Speaking". :))
For a while I couldn't use my PC / portable so I went on with classic pen and block notes. Yeah, древние way to write but always working. :))
Program is too hilarious, идиот in a certain way. Потрясающе and absurd at the same time. You try (TRY) to dictate few words and it changes everything setting nonsense! :))
Here you are some little piece of my novel (the пародия version of my fantasy novel but it is written in my mother tongue language). I underline in yellow absurd parts written by Дракон. And this is a tribute to my co-author (as "Dragon" claimed itself in a chapter). I call it "Дракон", indieed, because it is MY OFFICIAL CO-AUTHOR for few chapters. Xaxaxa

The "rebel" Dragon version:

- It claims to be co-author after killing the most part of all characters of the plots just in few words of a single paragraph (of 36 chapter novel). Xaxaxaxa

- It adds out-of-contest names of people, geography, and recent or ancient historical names only if you speak word by word after "recording" in its memory difficult words.

- It adds ironically: fuck off, dick, and so on whenever you change every killings it wants to add after you change uncorrect parts. Rebel, indeed, and maybe with its own soul out of the real author's control. Xaxaxaxa

- Skeletrons awake from their sarcophagus and drink (I don't know what) in the middle of a battle. -> aim of the real version: Awake, hold and attack the target soon!
("bere" means "to drink")
From uncorrect chapter 10: пародия of Дракон
[Skeletrons awake and drink (bere)]

*humble humble* :))

*humble humble*

I wish I could learn a new language...
just only for me... only for my self-cultural wish!
German or Russian?
Russian or German?

Argh! >____>

Grammar, declination, cases, ... German.....
And when I have a stroll or gig I still find people asking:
"Are you Ukraine? Are you Russian? Are you Irish? Are you Swedish?"
"No, I am just Italian without a remarkable Region accent..."

... But it is cool when I worked in airport, when people thought that I was from their own countries speaking their own language.

No idea. But I will start again.......
And it is too nice to start again! :))))

Even if just a little melancholy of my quite recent past work... And I admit: less than my fucking fear for "Ebola virus" contagion threat and safety / security measures in airports.

Battle techniques needed! :-/

Still writing chapter 36 of my own novel... Last chapter to write, last effort to do... and problems with realizing a battle scene!! It's almost done... but I find obivious the way I already realized that scene concerning some techniques to applyI 31st December is coming so.... time to send for reward (publishing) is too nearby...
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