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Маски авторские, с художественной проработкой, пожизненной гарантией и подгонкой под пожелания.
Будут готовы до конца июля.

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Способ сделать себе хрустальный череп

Для завершения образа не хватает стильной броши с крупным прозрачным чёрным камнем, в который впаян портрет, а найти такой нереально?
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Ещё один способ поразить окружающих

Всем привет!

Что нужно, чтобы добавить к своему имижу нечто совершенно новое и поразить воображение окружающих, буквально искривляя реальность? Один из способов - добавление в свой имидж совершенно необычных, недоступных "простым смертным" деталей.

Сделать одну из таких деталей я предлагаю вам. я спешу представить мастер-класс по изготовлению рогов. Естественно по современной технологии, применяемой в киноиндустрии)). Описание и регистрация по ссылке.

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Внимание! осталось всего одно место!

Очень давно не писал я здесь. Даже как-то страшновато возвращаться. Но я не с пустыми руками:
(Из моей галереи, как встарь)
"She likes me!" flashed in mind of Mikhle C. as soon as he opened his eyes. "I'm definitely not nonchalant to her!" - he sayed aloud, looking at his rumpled hair in the big bathroom mirror. Joy overfilled him. He took a quick brekfast, and, inspired and singing "she likes me", and depart to the work. Summer sun smiled to him. It seemed, that ewerything is filled with joy. Even the pavilion, where he got a temporary job as a phone seller for a vacation time, was somehow peculiary festive.

The story began about a week ago, when Mikhle dropped at a vidoechat. Just for waste some time. And he occasionally bumped in a strange broadcast. At the first minute he thought, that someone was demonstrating his figurine, made by some anime. Mikhle wasn't otaku, but he liked japanese animation style of drawings. He even owned a figure, depicting a girl in a school uniform. But, to tell the truth, Michle has no idea, from what anime she was.

The figure on the screen was wearing the same outfit and she has the same hair, that Michle's, but it was much bigger and? of course, more detailed. It was packed in a transparent plastic bag, a one they whould pack household appliances, and there was a lot of foam rubber pieces around, with opened sides of lower part of cardboard box jut out. Everything indicated, that the figurine had been brought just now and the owner only started to unpack it.

Michle had waited, that the happy owner whould appear in the frame, and whould continue to unpack it. But something completely unexpected hapened there. The figurine became to get alive. At first, she moved up her head and tryed to look around. It was clearly seen how plastic slides above her head and hair, hindering movements. Than she tryed to stretch herself and stay up, but the bag size was too smal to allow it, so she bumped in the transparent film at once. Than she,looked over as far, as she could, and began to serch the exit. Soon it turned out, that the bag was totally sealed, and it was clearely sawn to Michle. Found out, that she won't find any exit, the figurine decided to make one. She set her hands, feet and back ti the bag sides, and began to push. It was visible, that she's trying hard. Michle freezed at his place and keep looking. Probably, several hundred people was looking at the figurine at the same time, but is it really important? Finally, the plastic film was teared off, and the figure fell out to the foam rubber with relief. Michle breathed out at the same time. The chat was blown up with congratulationary comments.

Figurin very quickly held herself, set her clothes stright and began to chat. Wery soon Michle had a complete idea, who she is. Her name was Yayoi and she was created by a famous artist. But Michle did not kept his name in mind.Saying generally, a normal videochat took it's place. "U look greate" - "Thank u" - "Is it a suit?" - "No, that's my real self" - "Ar u a human either?" - "I'm a girl doll" and so on. Then the comments became PG16 and higher. However, considering the low activity in main chat and vrey active figurine's typing, lots had gone to private chats. Sometimes there was comments like "WTF" and "its a trap", but them vas barely notisable. It was an ordinary videochat.

Next day Michle entered the videochat beforehand, and, as soon as the Figurune went live, entered her chatroom. This time Yayoi did nothing special, but having time conversating. Michle greeted her and asked, how she was after prevoius day. She answered, that she's fine and smiled. Michle was astonished, how full of life and emotional her solid plastic face could be. She was even more lifefull, than Michle's human friends and someones he know. Moreover, the figure on the screen expressed her feels and thoughts by her entire body, and every her "phrase" was clear to every human. It was like a magic, lost in ancient times by people, accustomed to their languagies and returned to them by this figure/ And most humans could be recognized as a manequins compared to her.

Suddenly someone, who was the most likely to bump in by a mistake, ask Yayoi using a language, that was natieve for Michle. And the figurine answered. And her answer was quicker, then usually. "Are you living in...???" - Michle wrote immediately. "Yes", was the answer.

And they began to "rub shoulders" with each other. Spectators came and leave, but they keep corresponding. Michle asked, Yayoi answered and asked in return. They shared a lot of stories to each other and took a laugh at sudden comments. Sometimes Yayoi took a breake to make a short performance, but then gladly returned to Michle.

That's how the day passed by. Then there was the other and the other one. Finally, Michle got curious enough to switched on his webcamera. No, he not just sit in front of it and went live. He spent over then an hour for preparations. He sleeked his hair, steam-ironed a shirt, spent a lot time to chose a necktie and spent more to tie it up. Then he realised, that his room needed to be a bit more tidy and in order, and luckily avoided getting dusty. At least, when he finally went live, Yayoy took her time joking at his ruffleness and showed, how heir should be done.

One day, when Michle was boored waiting customers, he found out, that Yayoi is definitelly not human with all her life and unstoppable activity. The finding was based on her movements. He never kept them in mind while chatting, but now, when he had some free time, the images suddenly bumped to his head. The first thing was thet she with all her variety of moves rarely used her wrist joint. The other wasa her involuntary round shoulder moves, especially when she was very excited. The interesting point was she could freeze at the same time. The other thing was that she could freez without any reason and show any lifesigns, becomming compleetely the same to the ordinary dolls, and she could stay in this condition for a long periods of time. Sometimes it seem, that something broke inside her, and her moves became mismatched to each other, and even sharp, but them stayed as precise, as a robot's.

But all the thoughts left Michle's head wery soon. And in the evenning, when he was chatting with Yayoi again, she wrote that very phrase, that made today's world full of happyness and joy. "I really like you"

The day spent fast and easy. Suddenly something attracted scattered Michle's sight. At first he thought, that it was his imagination, but then it repeated once more. A guy standed in front of shop window, where some new notebooks was displayed, passionly talked to the mobile and made a light shoulder mooves. Michle shaked his head and looked to the guy once more. The guy stopped talking with someone. He looked stright ti Michle and, only by eyes, was a appologising.

"Частное представление"

Мори-сан устало откинулся на спинку стула. Ещё одно представление отыграно, ещё одна порция аплодисментов получена. Он потянулся усталой рукой к левому уху, и, нажав на небольшую кнопку, открыл скрывавшую его голову маску и, придерживая её над лицом, пару минут наслаждался свежим воздухом. Потом, сделав над собой усилие, Мори-сан окончательно снял со своей головы пластиковую голову персонажа и аккуратно положил её на гримировочный стол перед большим зеркалом. Немного посмотрев на неё, он поднял глаза и встретился взглядом с устало откинувшейся на стуле стройной высокой девочкой в красивом вычурном платье с рюшами, одним из тех, которые не будешь просто так носить по улице. У девочки почему-то было красное потное лицо мужчины 30 лет и не было волос и ушей. Усмехнувшись, Мори-сан всзял со стола полотенце, и, стянув назад со своей головы облегающий телесный капюшон, с удовольствием вытерся.
Отложив полотенце и отхлебнув прохладной воды из специально заготовленной бутылки Мори-сан принялся снимать с себя все эти одежды: платье, нижнее бельё персонажа, её "кожу", и, наконец, экзоскелет. Когда всё это было аккуратно сложено в чемодан, а сам Мори-сан был одет в свою повседневную одежду, только большая, примерно с мотошлем, желтоволосая голова аниме-девочки напоминала о той, кто некоторое время назад вошла в эту комнату. Мори-сан нежно взял голову и стал упаковывать её, одновременно поправляя причёску.
[Неожиданно завибрировал лежащий на столе мобильник.]

Private perfomance

Mori-san tiredly placed himself in a chair. One more performance was over, one mo portion of applause was recieved. He slowly moved his hand to the left ear and, pressing a small button, opened a mask, which was cealing his head, and, positioned it over his face, pleasured by a fresh air for a couple of minutes. Than, with forcing himself, Mori-san finally removed the character's head form his own and carefully put it on the make-up table in front of a big mirror. Taking his time looking at the head, he rised his sight and meet a sight from tiredly sitting tall slender girl in a beautiful complicated baroque dress with lots of details, a one you would never wear to go in the street. A girl had red sweatfull face of a man of 30, and she had nither ears, nore hair. With a smile, Mori-san took a towel from the table and, moved his tight fit hood dackward from his head, pleasurably dried.
Put away his towel and took a drimk of fresh, spesial prepared water, Mori-san began to take off all the clothes he worn: a dress, underwear of his character, her "skin", and, finally, exoskeleton. When all of this was carefully packed in the suitcase and Mori-san himself put on his normal clothes, only big, motorcicle helmet sized yellow-haired anime girl's head reminded about the one, who came some time ago in the room. Mori-san нежно took the head and began to pack it, fixing the hair-cut at the same time.
Unexpectedly, a mobile, laying on the table, began to vibrating. Mori-san took it and flinched: the phone nomber belonged to his former wife.
It was old and tragic story. Mori-san had a wife and two little children, when a firm he worked at, fell in troubles. And very soon Mori-san, as not wery effectieve employee, was "optimised". Even in better times he was an anime otaku, and after this he closed any relationship with outer world and start to sit in front of the screen all the day long. His wife gave him an ultimatum: he will return to normal life, or she will take their children and leave him forever. A week Mori-san tryed to live like normal man, daily searching a job, and spending evennings with wife and children. But one "holy" moment she found him with his face nearly in the screen again. Same evenning she took their children and went away to her paerents.
Some time after that Mori-san told about all this to his friend by an anime-resirch circle, Tanaka. In answer, Tanaka asked him to thansform his hobby to a profession, and began to show him some pictures with living anime dolls was interacting with people and just had some fun. Mori-san agreed, and, with two other friends they started an outdoor theatre. Mori-san gave the whole self to the new occupation, mastered lots of habits and delicaces. They performed on presentations and partyes, onece they even took part in WonderFes organisation. They was popular, they was trusted. Last year Tanaka and he had their own saturday-morning TV-show for children. And very soon Mori-san forget about his wife and children. Of course, he sent presents to them from time to time. But never talked to them and his wife knew the only fact that he has a job.

Mori-san moved the phone to his ear.
-Hello, is it Mori?
-Reconed me? Plesed. You know, I have to immediatelly take off. Can you spent several days with our children?
-Of course... but didn't you always leave them to your mother, as always?
-They want to see you. I think that now, when you are respectable enough, it can be helped.
-I don't mind. When will you come?
-I won't be able. Grandpa will lift them to you tomorrow evenning.
Mori-san cancelled the dialog and thought, that he didn't seen his children for three and a half years. As well, as his wife. And he realised, that he missed them. He remembered her red hair, which turned him crazy and made him settle in Europe. Her firm, even self-opinionated character, which made her hold her word just like a man, wich strangerly coexisted with devotion.

Next day Mori-san returned home early and immediately began to clean his apartment. Placed in order his DVDs, removed dust from his, grown for the last time, figure collection, locked the closet with his stage costumes. He even tvice cleaned all the apartment with vacuum.
Soon granfather and children arrived. Mori-san was surprised of how did they grewduring past time. And he really do not understand, what to do with them. He was able to intertain children, but one thing is to play with them as a big doll, and completely other is to take care. So, despite children seem selfcarable, Mori-san felt nervous.
Children the same time began to explore the figure collection.
-Look, this is Yumeko-chan! - children felt the presence of a character of TV show for kids in an edult respectieve man as something natural - and anoter one!
It turned out, that his children likes her show wery much. The show of his own character, which was quietly lying in locked closet now! It was a moment when Mori-san wanted to make Yumeko meet his chikdren. But he was so afraid of the posibility that his former wife will know about it and he'll never see his childran again. So, instead of performance, he gave them an album with wery rare photographs of Yumeko and Co as a present.
Mori-san really shouldn't worry. In fact, the only problem was to cook for children. All other was familliar to him. They played in Wild West and Samurai story, besiege a fortress made of chairs and a table... And children keep and keep talking about Yumeko and her constant friend-rival Kiriko.
When the last day of children's living in Mori's home was comming to it's end, Mori-san gifted them a Yumeko figurine, painted by himself. She was wearing her favoutite dress, but that dress had different color then original. Actually, this was a concept of Yumeko's clothing for the new season of show, but Tanaka insisted, thet if Yumeko had weared a new clothes, them whould have had not only other color. This story Mori-san kept by himself, of course.

Kate Mori hardly beared cancelling relationship with husband. She really loved him, and understood, thet hardly fall in love again with anyone. But when Mori-san collapsed, she could much more hardly stay with him. Mori was like dead. She was still hoping, when he tryed to overcome himself. When she realised, ho couldn't, the only way for her was only to go away and take children.
One day Kate was walking through the supermarket and saw a funny performance: two big, anime-looking dolls was entertaining children. Her attention was primarly caught by a doll with yellow hair. Unexpectedly she remembered her husband, young, from the times they just meet.
That time she arrived to Japan by the student exchange program. It appeared, that Mori was sitting next to her. He helped her a lot. And he was really pleased to talk with her. He was a brave avanturist, always ready for feat. They were the same height, and for the first time it was a bit funny that her heels made her a bit taller. But never the less, he was still senior to her. Then she returned to Europe, he stayed in order to continue studiing. But one day she saw him, sitting on the doorstep of her home in smoking and with flowers. Ten minutes later her paerents blessed them to marry.
Kate saw the yellow-haired girl some more times. One time, looking at her, she thought, that it may be better to forget all her pride and come to Mori, who had already find a job. But, from the other hand, he used to be the closed page of her biography. And short greetings, which came from him on holydays, showed to her that work is more important to him, that his past. And now thay has no interests to share.
In the middle of september she had to urgently make a shortbusiness trip to Japan. Children declared, that they didn't want to stay with grandfather and grandmother. "May be, children wil become a bridge between us" - and in one minute she pressed call button.
When she returned, children showed her father's presents. The album and the figurine. Common interest, she found something that wil help to their reunion. A crazy plan, which was worth yong Mori himself, was born in her brain in a flash. The rest was only technical questions...

The twenty forth of december, eight pm. Mori-san returned home after enoter x-mas recording. He slowly carried in suitcase with Yumiko inside, put the costumes in to the closet and prepared to watch TV, but there was something in his room, that shouldn't be there. In the corner of the room with a small artifical fir-tree was a big box. Mori-san moved to it and took more closer look. It was packed in a shiny present-packing paper and tied with a colorful ribbon. There was a postcard on the box. "Merry X-mas. Kate". Also there was a bottle of shampaign.
Mori-san unwrapped the packaging and opened the box. There was a very good copy of Yumeko, secured by foam plastic. Mori-san carefully took unexpectedly heavy doll out and placed it on a sofa. Now he was able to observe it more precesely. It wasn't exact copy of his Yumeko. It was a big version of a figurine, that he gave to his children. She weared the same concept dress, and her silicon skin was by touch exactly like the blurry figurine plastic. And she has no seams on her back, around her neck and head, as them was carefully filled with silicon after assembling. The other feature was semi-opened mouth.
Yumeko doll was fully articulated in joints, but, unlike the real one, did not move. Mori-san inspected the doll for some more minutes, then stand it in the center of the room and began to serve the table: salads, one glass for shampaign, one cutlery. Then he made a long look to the doll, and unexpectedly brought another cutlery and went to change clothes.

Kate felt someone's steps, end then loud unwrapping noise. Breathing turned to be easely, but she used her will to prevent herself ob taking a full loud breath. Then someone's strong arms lifted and placed her on a sofa. Another act of will and she stopped herself from sweaping sweat from her face. So why did her friend put the box near room heater! Anyway, sweaping sweat from skin, cealed in the silicon, was impossible. But Mori-san whouldn't notice that the doll is warm herself. Through dark, with antifog layer, lense, she saw how Mori-san examining her. Then she was lifted and was stand on her legs. Standing still was a lot harder, then sitting. Kate was constantly feeling, how she mooved from side to side. But Mori still didn't notice it, and left the room, leaving her to wonder, how long should her stand.
Mori-san returned, wearing the smoking, he used to offer his hand and his heart to her. Switched on a silent music, offered a doll to sit. Then sat her to the table and filled the glasses. As well as doll did not hurry to take hers, Mori-san helped her to took and to raise it. Then moved the clear glass to each other with a nice sound and moved her glass to her lips. Having drinked his portion, he carefully pour her's to her mouth, and then lowered her hand with empty glass down. After that he began to eat and talk, periodically leaving his seat to change the doll's pose. He told her about how he missed his wife and children and if not his work, which took all his time, he whould die.
Five minutes before twelve he filled and raised the glasses once more. Then stood up and raised the doll, turned her around, rubbing her smooth surface. When the clock start to countdown, he grabbed her and met his lips with hers, enjoing her skin with free hand... When the twelve's clock ring the doll turned alive.
They danced, wathced X-mas broadcasts, hugging and, after all thet, fell asleep. Anyway, that was all after.

Kate woke up when the day looked through the window. To be the doll was quite funny, but her body needed care, so she went to the bathroom. Mori-san wasn't around, so she opened perfect-hided zipper and released her head. The cold water after hot silicon seal was greate! Kate took her time enjoing the water, until she noticed, that her dress changed. It was the same shape and form, but different color. Thinking about so strange transformation, she returned the mask back to her head and left the bathroom.
A more unexpected scene was waiting her in the room. In the place, where she layed several minutes before, anothe Yumeko doll was placed. But in the dress she, Kate, wore last night. Kate felt nervous. And, to turn calm, she began to observe her "rival". She didn't move. But look exactly like the living doll from that supermarket. Kate's nerves calmed down and she began to play with the doll by herself. From the side it looked like a plastic anime girl was playing with her full scale copy. Slowly, the actions of plastic doll began to be more and more brave and she was allowing her hands more erotic actions.
Finally, when two of them was laying on th bed in underwear only, the second doll turned alive and, hugged her in advance. "Merry Cristmas, Kate", said it with Mori's voice and took off her mask. After Mori, Kate removed her mask too and they joined their real lips in a deep kiss.

I don't know if it worth saying, but in a new season of Yumeko's adventures a new character has appeared.

Что мы можем сделать: кигуруми (косплей с масками)

Анимегао кигуруми - направление косплея, целью которого является максимально точное отображение персонажа. В отличие от традиционного косплея, костюм как таковой не обязателен, персонаж может одевать и обычную одежду, оставаясь при этом узнаваемым. Это достигается за счёт маски и обтягивающего кожу телесного цвета комбинезона. Ну, и пропорций, конечно. Особенно удачным является кигуруми по мэйнстримовским персонажам и Моэ (Рубаки, Крестовый поход Хроно, Пожалуйста!, Ангельский слой, Рагнарок, гномки в Линейке, Эксель сага, ...) наименее - по реалистичным персонажам (Спиидграфер, Линейка, ПФ - Дети Пришествия,...). Как и в случае обычного косплея, важны пропорции, однако полностью снимаются ограничения на пол и возраст - экзоскелет и размер головы делают своё дело.

[Стоимость и условия]

Итоги жизни

В субботу я перешёл очредную дату, и мне осталось ровно три четверти века. Ну чтож, за первую четверть я кое-что успел.

Я успел поработать мультипликатором, посоздавать странные костюмы, поработать над военнной техникой. Я придумал свою собственную настольную игру, играл в театре и помогал готовить вечеринки... Многое из этого отражено в этом блоге. Впрочем, на этот раз я позволю себе быть старомодным, и не делать много ссылок, как в прошлом году.

А ещё я уже успел жениться))

Но что из того, что сделано, будет определяющим следующую мою четверть жизни? Трендклаб и моя способность держать перед внутренним взором столетия и континенты (по одной штуке - точно)? Или киру нуигуруми (пронизывающее всё моё творчество последнее время)? Или я посвящу себя возделыванию новой жизни (страшновато, конечно, но надо)?
Налево пойдёшь - славу обретёшь,
направо пойдёшь - денег найдёшь,
а прямо пойдёшь - жизнь разовьёшь...

Кстати, на кигуруми я уже подзаработал)))

С днём рождения!

Я создаю театр.

Нет, это не будет любительский косбенд, вяло собирающийся раз в неделю на двухчасовую репетицию. Это будет мобильная группа из творческих людей, делающих общее дело. Бескорыстно? Ну, дело для этих людей должно быть превыше денег, но кто сказал, что мы будем заниматься исключительно благотворительностью? Никто не мешает нам просить зрителей вполне материально вознаграждать за труд. Но сначала… Заметьте, я не говорю о том, что приглашаются профессиональные актёры, сценаристы и так далее. Всем навыкам нам придётся научиться в процессе интенсивных тренировок – и к этому надо быть готовым. Не раз в неделю, а три-четыре раза по несколько часов! К тому же, многие навыки, которые будут нами отрабатываться, будут довольно специфичны даже по меркам профессионалов, а техника, которую мы будем применять, часто будет единственной на планете. Хотя её ещё надо будет сделать в свободное от тренировок время. А ещё нам придётся создавать (шить – слишком узкое понятие, чтобы его можно было тут применить!) костюмы, писать песни и просто музыку, придумывать сценарии для сценических действ нового (а почему бы и нет?) типа. Вместе. Но только как единый организм − индивидуальность в нашем коллективе глубоко вторичная вещь, особенно по отношению к идее (да, лояльность к творчеству Задорнова и Пушкина обязательны!). Зато важны «непрофильные» навыки: электро- и схемотехника, экономизм, программирование, лепка, вождение автотранспорта, и ещё много чего, что на данном этапе даже представить сложно.

ПослеСловие: по всем вопросам – на почту hikarinaka(at)mail.ru, потом – на личном собеседовании. И сразу предупреждаю, что ваши личностные ТТХ будут подвергнуты анализу методами академической астрологии и соционики.


От японцев я фигею!
Сверху Big Putenpurin



Андрей проснулся, и, как обычно, попытался протереть глаза. Но этим утром это не получилось и он проснулся окончательно: он был в персонаже,а значит, продолжал играть. Сев на кровать Андрей посмотрел на свою, или, точнее, на кожу своего аватара, на белые трусики и бюстгальтер. Потом повернулся к электронным часам, горящим в полумраке утренней комнаты, и к стулу, на котором аккуратно висела форма горничной. Было очень рано, около 6-30, и на улице стоял утренний полумрак. Тем не менее Андрей не хотел возвращаться в постель. Вместо этого он аккуратно поднялся, взял вещи своего аватара, как можно тише покинул комнату (в которой спал хозяин) и отправился в ванную.

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For my international friends


Andrew woke up. As usual, he tryed to clean his eyes after a sleep, but tomorning it seem to be impossible. And he finally
woke up. He was in character, and today he is still acting. He sat up on the bed and look down to his, or, more presise, his avatar's soft
toned skin, white bra and pants. Then he turned his head to the electronic cliock, burning in the darkness of morning room, and to the
chair with carefully placed maid uniform. It was wery early, near 6-30, and it was dark in the street, but Andrew didn't wanted to return to
bed. He carefully stood up, trying to make as less noize as possible, took his avatar's clothes, leave the room with his sleeping host and
went to the bathroom.

A day before Andrew with his friends Jane and Nick came to the city to take part in an anime convention: Andrew was going
to play an animegao kigurumi of Windows 2K mascott in maid outfit. His friends was acting as a spotters, and Jane also took a role of
photographer. Andrew was thinking to come to the convention in full outfit and not to take his avatar off, at least, before comming home
to their friend-resident Tony and, in addition, a big fan of kigurumi. So, he prepared a "life support system" that made him be able to
drink, wash his face and do some oter nesessary activities witout taking the suit and mask off.
The change was performed in a supermarket, in a WC cabin. It was the standard practice of "wild" cosplayers, who want to
change out of convention territory and do not want anyone to interupt them. Andrew chose right time to let his avatar leave the cabin, so
no one had a culture shock when the cute looking anime girl fixed her haircut in front of the mirror in men's room.
Win2K didn't want to risk her shiny PVC maid uniform. That's why when spotters and Tony, who can't help joinning them as
soon as possible, looked to her, they saw a strange blue-haired girl with big eyes in usual, standard clothes - jeans and T-shirt. Tony
was freaked out. He was used to see kigurumi in different crazy outfits on the net. He saw thousands of images, where kigurumi was in
original cosplay or cosplays another character. Sometimes he found a kig wearing casual, but always girly clothers. But see the anime
girl in a unisex, standard to most of people for this time of year, informal wear! He felt that she came directly from the behind-the-screen.
Simply went to 2D changing room when the show (I mean, the anime 2D show) was end, changed to her everyday clothes and
unexpectedely teleported to the 3D real world (or current world is only an illusion, and that, 2D world is really real). The banner on the
t-shirt "anime sucks" completed the apperance.

There was a lot of people around the convention hall. Andrew remembered how "civilians" reacted to the contrast of Win2K's
face and t-shirt. That was funy, but when she and spotters came there! Andrew had a big fun looking to the faces of otakus around,
especially ones, who firstly read the banner, went to them to "change teir mind with the holy power of hard pacifist's punch", and then
realised, that they're trying to fight a girl from teir dreams... When such things happened, Nick heared some laugh in his "spotter's
Before kigurumi enter the con, she was pictured about one hundred times. At the registration table there was a small
problem: Andrew already had a permission not to take off the mask, but the administrator, who gave it forgot to tell this fact to his
collegue. This made the company a bit nervouse, cause they didn't want to ruin the illusion too soon. But the administrator came in three
minutes, and the company entered the hall.

At the changing room Win2K finally packed out her maid outfit. Tony's eyes shined back to the deep blue shiny PVC dress,
white skirt and black middle-high-heeled shoes. Next moment he offered his help to her and she pleasedly ascepted it. Even Jane, who
already used to Win2K, took some pictures of that. When the dressing up was completed, Win2K unexpectedly unpacked the last
acsessory - the shiny black leather collar with attached one and a half meter long leash, weared it and gave the free end to Tony. He
looked to it, than to Win2K (she noded) and than to the leash end again. And took it.

When the second block of convention stage act began, Win2K went to the backstage - to take part in catwalk contest.
Because Andrew wanted to go backstage early while Tony thought that they have a lot of time to come there, everyone, who was in their
way saw a funny picture, some of them even took it on mobile or camera: anime maid girl dragged her master to the sertain direction
like a big hunt dog drags her hunter. Anyway, the "hunter" didn't insist too much on his speed, and this picture lasted only a pair of
Kigurumies are rare, and the audience meet Win2K wery pleasant. At her back, on the big screen, the original drawings of
Windows family were displayed. Some people was already freaked out, and others, saw how identically the character look in both 2D
and 3D, joined to them. Win2K took some steps, posed to the photographers, who was on duty in front of the stade and, waving to the
audience, hide in backstage darkness.

Betwen the second and the tird blocks the company went to an "anime cafe", prepared by administration for the all guests of
the con. As a maid, Win2K bought sushi, cola and juce and surve their table. As a photographer, Jane documented all the process. The
others (except Nick and Tony, who already knew about Andrew's "life support system") was wondering, how the anime girl whould eat.
Some of them also wanted to catch the "actress" in camera lens when "she"'ll took of the mask. But Win2K just drinked her juice and
looked to her spotters.
When the company was about to leave, one of the spectators suddenly asked Tony to borrow "his maid" to serve their table
and indexed to a corner where a young crazy-color-heird woman and two children, one wearing a protector from "Naruto", were sitting.
Tony askingly looked to Win2K and she nodded. Than she took Nick's notebook and a pen and went to the spectator's table. The
vendor was firstly embarraced, when Win2K brought an order and asked to complete it in a restarant style with her as a waitress. He
also was afraid of loosing some money at first. But never the less he completed the order and gave it with a bill to the maid. And, when
she returned with the cash, all his skepticism was gone. Win2K was rewarded by that spectator too.
This improvised service gathered new spectators and visitors. All of them wanted to be served by anime maid, and she had
nothing to do but become a waitress for the next half an hour. When this small performance was over, spotters and Win2K bought four
unplanned pvc figures: everyone gave some tips, and, after all of that, the vendor gave some too. Jane also made a lot of photographs,
but much more photos was made by the audience.

In the evenning, while the company went to Tony's home, it was another adventure. Win2K, who was already in her casual
t-shirt and jeans, cought all the attension in a bus they were riding in. It was ordinal, and at first they didn't pay too much attension to it.
But when they left the bus and went through the yard near Tony's, Nick noticed a man from that bus, following them. "Attension, a pervert"
he wispered to Andrew. The atmosphere became nervous... Pervert was keeping his eyes on Win2K, but didn't came closer. It seemed
that he didn't want to deal with Nick and Tony and was waiting the moment when Win2K will get alone. Tony held Win2K's hand and
speeded up. The same thing, except holding hend, does Jane and Nick. The pervert kept his sped a moment, but, realised that he's
already uncovered, speeded up too. Then there was a several nervous moments, when Tony was openning the outer door with
electronic key. And, only than Jane realised, that the pervert had dissolved in the darkness of deep evenning.
This adventure was worth having a cup of tea or coffee. And Tony, as a host, served tham some meals. Andrew asked only a
big cup of coffee with some milk and shugar. He was wery tired. And everyone was. Shortly Nick asked Tony to show them a place to
sleep. The host prepaired a bed for Andrew at his room, and two beds in the other. Then Jane asked him to unpack Win2K's maid
uniform to prevent it from appering too many folding marks and everyone went to bed. Andrew wanted to sleep so much, that he just
took off only Win2K's wear, and switched off "spotter's hedphones". And he was the first one, who fell asleep.
Contrastly, Tony was the last one. He felt two opposite strong passions. For the one hand, his living dream was picefully
sleeping near him, and he could do everything he want with that lifesized action figure. But for the other hand, unpropriate actions can
ruin all his relationship with Andrew and others and he could never experience such events after that, and shoud he just help Andrew (but
after all of the first convention day Tony wasn't shure, is it really guy inside) to transform to himself? Finally he fell asleep without any

Soft morning light touched Tony's face and woke him up. Still sleepy, he recognised a fuzzy shape of a maid, sliding the
curtains away from the window rectangle. The maid noticed Tony's woke up and turned to him. Her big eyes and small mouth, blue hair
and other looked exactly like in moe anime. Then she left a room and Tony felt a strong smell of coffee. Next moment the maid returned
to him with a small cup of black liquid. "Such a nice dream" thought Tony and took the cup. And made a long drink... "DAMN!" this cry
signed, that he is fully woke up and felt all the hottness of the morning cofee. The maid seem to laugh a little and took a halfe-filled cup.
Than she went out. Tony remembered everything and laughed.
After brekfast, which was served, of course, by Win2K, all the four want to Tony's computer to watch the first part of photos and
videos (Jane made one while their walking to the con, two or three stage act recordings, a record of Win2K's "waitress experience" and
than there wasthe recording of this morning - Andrew placed the camera at a corner of the room before Tony woked up). During the last
video poor Tony had nothing to do but laugh with others.

The company came to the second part of convention in 12:30, a few minutes before the second-day-openning-ceremony
began. Win2K was already in her maid uniform and was acting as Tony's maid. This time Tony took his cosplay costume with him, and
wanted to wear it as soon as possible.
Win2K had a permission to go to the changing room, and Tony asked her to walk him through to it, but Andrew had another
idea. Why not change in a toilet? All of others considered that this as a bad idea. So, left Jane and Nick to record the openning, Tony
grabbed Win2K to his target. The leash helped him alot. And when the first block of convention was at it's middle, he in Host Cub scool
uniform and "his" Win2K maid joined their friends.
All the contest stage acts was performed at previous day, and this time a non-contest performances were shown on the
stage. The current one was dedicated to the traditional japanese culture. Soft traditional music, nice classical story about the Emperior
and Oni... Jane disappeared near the stage, Nick and Tony just relaxed. Andrew tryed to concentrate on the performance, but darkness
and music cause him felt sleepy. And Win2K gently slided down to Tony's shoulder.

The second block was dedicated to animation music videos, both contestant and non-contestant. Most of them was funny and
based on different well-known jokes. But some was the real piece of art. For example, one author crossovered three characters from
completely different animations and made a very tachy love story, sometimes showing all characters togather onboard of a spaceship
from another anime. Of course, it was non-contestant.
The other piece of art made Andrew and his avatar's spotters remember an adventure, they had just before this block. In that
AMV author touled a funny story, where anime characters was freaked out by one guy, who dressed like woman from Babilon 5. Yes, it
was inverted animegao kigurumi story. In that short film a guy came to school, transformed and kreeped out everyone around. He also
made friends with that school's queen of beauty, who was, by the author's idea, a greate fan of science fiction.

The real adventure happened not literally at school. It was at the big supermarket nearby, which was attacked by otakus in
case of that day's abcence of anime cafe. Our company came there too. For the sake of not to loose time, they divided in two groups.
Boys went to find some fruits, cheese and cookies while "girls" - Win2K went with Jane - was on juice hunting. And than Win2K got lost.
She probably spent too much time chosing between apple and multifruit juice and didn't notice the time Jane left. Jane noticed that she
is alone only near the cash desk.
Andrew panicked. It is not difficult to comunicate, when Nick or other spotters are near. It can be a bit difficult to comunicate
with another anime fans. But how was he going to ask some help in finding a boy in light-blue jacket a normal civillian? Yes, he can try
some mime act. But will he be understood? And the headphones are useless in such a loud place like supermarket... Had calmed
down, Andrew desided to search his friends bu himself. The residents would remember the anime maid, running over the store shelves,
for a long time. Finally Win2K bumped in one person in cosplay, and he escorted her to the place, where one of the spotters was waiting
the other two. The adventure was over, and the company returned to the convention hall.
There was a one detail I forgot to mention: they went through the cash desk separately, and Win2K bought a box of juice by
herself. But the cashier was as still, as a stone, like he sells juice to anime maids every day.

The last block was wholy dedicated to the award ceremony. The compere invited the winners from different contests to the
stage and gave them a presents and diplomas. There was lots of contests: drawing, CG, manga-writing, cosplay stage, cosplay
catwalk, J-Rock cosplay, cosplay photography, AMV, karaoke. And ewery one (except manga contest - there was only two stories were
sent to the con this time) consists of three ordinary and one public favourity position. So, wery soon the stage were crowded with
different people. Win2K wasn't among tham, because there was a lot of high-class costumes on the catwalk and, generally speaking,
most of tham were better than Win2K's maid outfit. But the compere had a right to give a special prize for his own desision. That prise
was not big, just a manga book, but it was remarkable as well. Who, do you think, was invited by him? Win2K with Nick as a spotter
went up to tha stage. While Nick was saying some words, she was waving to the audience. And than the ending music start and the
stage turned to a big dance hall.

Before the departure the company came to Tony,s home once again. And there the magic ended: Win2K with Nick carrying
their suitcase vent to the Tony's room and half an hour laterNick came out with another boy. The contrast between Andrew's and
Win2K's apperance was so strong, that Tony ran to the room, hoping that his anime maid is still there, but, you can understand, that it
was empty. "She is looking like this now." Tony turned and saw a big head in Andrew's hands. Tony felt pityfully, a magic day ended and
reality revieled it's rights. "May I try it?" he asked finally. They had some time, so Andrew let Tony try it and even took some photos of the

Everything has it's end, and this set of adventures inclusive. In express, sitting in a soft armchair, looked in the window Nick.
Near him made a quick photocheck Jane. And, at a seat behind them, picefully dreamed Andrew. And the express lifted them to their
home town. And to new kigurumi adventures.

Для другого сайта.

Продолжаем цикл интервью с представителями наиболее интересных профессий нашего времени. В прошлом номере, как вы помните, мы беседовали с аниматором интератра (интерактивного театра - нечто среднее между трёхмерным кинотеатром и обычным театром, в котором актёры заставляют двигаться трёхмерных персонажей на экране "в реальном времени", прим. ред.). Сегодня мы публикуем беседу с представителем профессии, без которой многих достижений современной цивилизации не было бы. Позвольте представить: Игорь Денисович Графов, инженер - машиностроитель.
ТМ. Расскажите пожалуйста о вашей профессии.
ИДГ. Профессия инженера всегда была востребована в нашем обществе. Испокон веку люди стремились улучшать свою жизнь, развивать культуру. В какой-то момент требования к изделиям стали настолько высоки, что ручной труд перестал удовлетворять людей, и тогда появились специалисты по машинам, или, как их стали называть, инженеры. Главной их задачей было обеспечение производства материальных благ. Постепенно, с развитием техносферы менялись инструменты, увеличивались объёмы. Но суть профессии не изменилась - мы по прежнему придумываем, что и как сделать, причём сделать быстро, качественно и с минимальными затратами.
ТМ. Вы упомянули инструменты. Не поделитесь ли вы с нашими чатателями, что они из себя пердставляли на разных этапах развития?
ИДГ. Конечно. Древние инденеры использовали самые простые приспособления - бумагу, карандаш, циркуль, логарифмическую и гибкую линейки (логарифмическая линейка использовалась для проведения простых расчётов - умножения, деления, возведения в степень, гибкая линейка использовалась для рисования различных кривых и сопряжения отрезков прямых - прим.ред.). Со временем появились счётные машинки, тогда их именовали калькуляторами (примитивные компьютеры, помогавшие выполнять расчёты - прим.ред.). Позднее, с появлением персональных компьютеров появилась новая среда - виртуальный кульман - и различные САПР (системы автоматизированного проектирования - прим.ред.), которые, постепенно усложняясь, достигли современного уровня.
ТМ. Расскажите о том, как вы работаете, пожалуйста.
ИДГ. С удовольствием. Как вы, должно быть, знаете, я работаю на предприятии, производяшем спецтехнику для дорожных работ. Я отвечаю за создание ходовой части. Это очень интересный процесс: сначала я получаю все размеры, которые следует соблюсти, задаю массовые параметры, ожидаемые внешние воздействия, показываю системе, где должны быть полости. Потом система сама, учитывая особенности нашего технологического процесса и профилей техпроцессов (формализованное описание технологических операций, реализуемых оборудованием предприятия с указанием их сложности и энергозатрат - прим.ред.) наших поставщиков генерирует детали. К сожалению, пока не все поставщики и подрядчики имеют такую систему, и некоторые детали мне приходится редактировать вручную. Модель при этом немедленно показывает реакции на внешние воздействия, так что я вижу, что будет происходить с реальной машиной - детали, создаваемые моими коллегами возникают в модели немедленно, стоит мне их активировать. Редактирование, кстати, очень увлекательный процесс: я, словно виртуальный скульптор, леплю руками и инструментами детали прямо в окружающей виртуальной реальности. Наконец, когда вся машина нарисована и прошла весь цикл виртуальных испытаний, мы просто даём автоматическому конвейеру команду на изготовление, и, через некоторое время, в сборочном цехе контролёры осматривают новую единицу техники.
ТМ. Неужели процедура приёмки до сих пор осуществляется людьми?
ИДГ. Конечно. Машину можно запрограммировать проверить всё, что угодно, но ей никогда не осознать готовое изделие как целое, а значит, от её бдительного взора может ускользнуть что-то существенное, то, что мы все прекрасно понимаем на интуитивном уровне, но пока ещё не формализовали. Хотя, не спорю, приёмщики активно пользуются измеряющими роботами.
ТМ. Понятно. Однако я хочу обратить внимание наших читателей на то, что вам часто приходится создавать новые конструкции. Как вы решаете проблемы защиты вашей интеллектуальной собственности?
ИДГ. Как и везде - осуществляем контроль доступа к информации посредством электронных паспортов, а при входе в особо защищённые зоны дополнительно проходим проверку на соответствие ДНК - с тех пор, как электронные паспорта разрешили не вшивать под кожу (инцидент, связанный с крупным хакерским скандалом в Амстердаме, когда в сеть проникла информация о частной жизни нескольких тысяч человек; теперь решение о вшивании такого паспорта принимает либо сам человек, либо суд; в противном случае человек может иметь один такой паспорт для работы, а один - для личной жизни, причём этот личный может быть передан другому человеку, как мобильник - прим.ред.). А когда очередная машина готова, её модель отправляются в междунаробный патентный банк.

Пояснения редактора. Уже сейчас существуют системы, позволяющие значительно упростить труд инженеров во всех областях человеческой деятельности. Про-Инженер, Ансис, АДАМС. В скором времени эти пакеты длжны полностью интегрироваться в единый пакет, работая с которым инженер-пользователь сможет, наконец, отвлечься от рутинных операций и действовать подобно скульптору. Интерфейсные и интегативные решения себя ждать при этом не заставят. Аналогичные решения будут найдены и для микроэлектроники. Новейшие САПР позволят компьютеру на основе банка готовых решений генерировать новые микропроцессоры, тогда как человеку придётся заниматься созданием новых "готовых решений", не получаемых напрямую из обработки данных банка (к примеру, решений, использующих другой физический принцип).

А теперь позвольте мне представить Вашему, уважаемый читатель, вниманию, другое интервью. Дал его научно-популярному журналу ТМ профессор РАН, зав.каф. матлингвистики, Денис Николаевич Князев.

ТМ. Денис Николаевич, нам известно, что вы возглавляете научную группу по разработке глобального банка идей. Не поясните ля вы читателям, что это такое?
ДНК. Конечно. Глобальный банк идей - это система, позволяющая любому человеку сэкономить время и силы на изучение опыта пердшествующих поколений. Я думаю, вам известно мнение, согласно которому прогресс человечества остановится, когда объём знаний, необходимый для совершения открытия или создания чего-то нового и прорывного превысит то количество, которое человек может изучить за всю свою жизнь. Банк идей позволит человеку отказаться от изучения всего объёма знаний и будет помогать ему при решении соответствующих задач. Уже сейчас формализованы многие знания, однако без оператора добыть информацию из банка данных проблематично - надо чётко сформулировать свой запрос, тогда как исследователь, зачастую, не может даже описать конечную и даже промежуточную цель. Конечно, он её видит и понимает, но как сказать - не знает. Современные же поисковые системы не понимают, что такое "эдакая штукенция, которая превращает одну ерунду в другуб штукенцию так, что при этом всем вокруг весело и тепло". К тому же современная система не позволяет определить, проволились ли исследования в этом направлении и насколько успешно, что сделано, а что ещё надо сделать, если только вам не повезло, и вы не назвали искомую вещь так же, как и ваши предшественники. И, наконец, ссылки на предыдущие материалы, хотя и собираются в конце текста, требуют анализа, поскольку только из самого текста ясно, что именно в этих материалах быдл полезно. Наша же система призвана на основе запроса на естественном языке, причём, сколь угодно корявом, выдать всё дерево информации в максимально простом и удобном виде, как при общении с проницательным лектором или старшим и более опытным товарищем. Но пока-что, как вы знаете, роль таких товарищей берут на себя операторы поисковых систем, и работа исследователя тут похожа на работу инженера прошлого века, когда он приходил с программой к оператору ЭВМ, а через неделю уходил от него с ответом. Зачастую, ответ гласил: "программа не работает".
ТМ. То есть ваша система позволит любому человеку написать, что он хочет придумать...
ДНК. А в ответ получить список статей. Не совсем. В ответ он получит много больше. Для начала система скажет, было ли это уже реализовано, или ещё нет. Если было, то расскажет, как оно называется, как работает. Также система расскажет, кто и на каком этапе решает аналогичную или близкую задачу, даст весь необходимый объём информации, нужный для получения решения, причём обязательно снабдит всю эту информацию ярлычками, указывающими, насколько важна эта информация. Например, если вы решили изобрести радио, то получите всю информацию, от списка возможных деталей и их характеристик до теорий, объясняющих работу диода и алгоритмов программ, позволяющих спроектировать транзистор с заданными характеристиками, а также контакты людей, которые уже изобретают радио, но при этом схемы уже существующих радиоприёмников будут помечены как важные, а квантово-механические уравнения будут даны как факультативное знание и способ убить время. То есть информация будет дана так, как если бы вы спросили опытного и добросовестного оператора поисковой системы, только получите вы её не через месяц (для получения информации в таком виде иногда требуется несколько недель, а на сбор и структурирование информаци для одного проекта РосКосмоса потребовалось около года работы целого отдела - прим.ред.), а всего через час.
ТМ. Но такая система станет серьёзным конкурентом для огромного количества операторов ПС. Не приведёт ли она к тому, что многим из них придётся искать новые рабочие места?
ДНК. Не приведёт. Уже сегодня ясно, что такая система сама по себе будет пополняться довольно медленно, и за счёт случайной информации, а это приведёт к очередному замедлению процесса создания нового, так как люди не будут знать, кто ещё работает над их проблемой, или будут обращаться за помощью к тем, кто уже прекратил деятельность. Это значит, что банк идей надо, как у нас выражаются, кормить, то есть собирать информацию обо всём, что происходит и открывается в данное время. По сути, операторы ПС просто будут работать "наоборот" - они будут собирать материалы для банка идей, и структурировать их, указывая степень фундаментальности той или иной идеи.
ТМ. Примерно как мы, собирая и преподнося информацию читателям?
ДНК. Совершенно верно. Только, поскольку банк идей не имеет эмоций, то операторам не придётся ломать головы над построением красивых фраз - главное, чтобы в тексте были понятные смысловые блоки и была понятна их значимость - всё-равно банк переводит данные в обезличенный формализованный формат. Кстати, вполне возможно, что через несколько лет вы будите часто залазить в наш банк, чтобы написать какую-нибудь обзорную статью, исторический очерк, а то и отрецензировать чью-либо идею.
ТМ. Вы сказали, что банк идей сможет сообщить, была ли реализована та или иная идея. А сможет ли он сказать о перспективности нереализованной идеи?
ДНК. Да, такая функция тоже разрабатывается нами. Банк сможет оценить, насколько реализуема описанная ему идея, не противоречит ли она каким-либо законам и теориям, и, если да, то каким. Но мы не хотим "резать" идеи только на основании того, что современные формулы не могут их адекватно описать, ведь во многом наши формулы и зависимости - это статистические аппроксимации происходящих процессов, и вполне возможно, что существуют условия, в которых они не работают, а невозможное у нас там возможно.
ТМ. Огромное спасибо за интересный рассказ, Денис Николаевич. Мы будем рады видеть Вас в редакции вновь.

От редактора. Ещё вчера существовали справочники, а сегодня к нашим услугам интернет и поисковые системы. Но если вы пробовали найти что-то по ещё не разработанной теме, то наверняка знаете, что пержде чем найти подходящую для анализа статью, надо сначала перелопатить пол-интернета, копаясь в форумах и блогах, далеко не каждый из которых содержит достоверную информацию, не говоря уже о большом количестве рекламных страничек. По этому существуют службы поддержки и агенства по "очистке информации" - именно их Денис Николаевич назвал операторами поисковых систем. Эти люди отсеивают зёрна от плёвел, давая заказчику то, что он хочет в максимально сжатом виде, не упуская при этом ни одной более-менее важной детали. При развитии современных методов обработки и преобразования информации вполне возможно появление системы, которая возьмёт на себя функции этих операторов.

...от меня уходит в магию

Знаю, что ничего этот пост не изменит. Знаю, но всё равно пишу.

Жена с детства мечтала стать магом. Мечта, конечно, не оригинальна и не нова, но эту мечту пронесла она сквозь годы. И надо же было так случиться, что, совершенно уже разуверившись в реальности оккультных наук она, вернее, на неё, наткнулся маг и предложил учить. Всё проверили - не секта, говорить с ними можно, туману не напускают, иногда шутят - не как Бронников, конечно, зато по-человечески. Да только вот незадача: надо дать клятву верности и отречся от прощлого со всеми родственниками. Предлог вполне благовидный - чтобы не ставить под удар. Вот только сомневало меня, что чёрные маги о других будут заботиться. Секреты свои они охраняют. Это, конечно, правильно, разумно и в целом я даже согласен с такой политикой, но... Клятва разделяет мир для новоиспекаемого мага на два больших социума: свои (клятва однозначно указывает на то, что это ТОЛЬКО члены Клана), и чужие. Стало быть, я стану ей чужой. Не потому, что не могу стать вместе с ней частью клана - моя энергетика будет посильнее её нынешней - а потому, что не надо это мне, у меня другие дела есть. А не члену Клана запрещено рассказывать всё, надо фильтровать данные и умалчивать, а если припрут - лгать. И запретить ей пойти на это я не могу - это её мечта, а тот, кто требует отречься от мечты всегда враг. Я даже готов сопровождать её, куда бы она в этом пути не направилась. Не готов только потерять единственного человека, которого могу назвать полностью своим. Более того, она всё это прекрасно понимает. Но не может отказаться ради меня от мечты.

Но не плакаться я пришёл сюда. Мне нужна ИНФОРМАЦИЯ. Как провести обряд объединения сущностей (чтобы наши слова и поступки были общими, а клятвы распространялись на нас как на единое существо, и всякие эгрегоры считали нас не двумя отдельными людьми, а единым двутелым образованием). Или как дать клятву друг другу так, чтобы все сущности поняли, что не сказать, солгать друг другу, умолчать - это большее преступление, чем подробно описать наисекретнейший обряд? Естественно так, чтобы ненароком при всём этом не продать кому-нибудь душу.
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