`Quotes from True Blood

Nevermind that u tried to kill me, just give me my phone back, Billy Bob. (c) Eric

Eric: What?
Pam: Blah, blah... vampire emergency. Blah

Mr. Northman: You can't live your life between a woman's legs.
Eric: I can try.

Eric: You're going to invite me in so I can protect you. Or have passionate, primal sex with you. Or how about both?

Pam: I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago

Pam: This is a disaster. We'll have to go much shorter than I planned."
Eric: I said I was sorry, Pam.


21.05.10 в 10 часов последний звонок ,в Рижской Универсальной средней школе по адрессу Маскавас 273.


оказывается мамочка притащила мне работы.
захожу я в дом.
а там стоят пакеты с духами.
нина ричи,версаче,эскада,армани,212 и т.п.всё оригинальное.
можно и заказывать.крч.любые достану.
35мл-13 лат.

а теперь вапросик..ммм..каму духи нужны?О_о