To mournful_thyris.

As morning rise in silent moments
While night is slowly fading,
As wind kindly whispers to you
Dreams and words and feelings
While you are still sleeping…
And softly lights in warmer breeze
Are dwelling in your presence,
And falling down to cover you,
Two arms will always hug you.
While hearing songs and odes of love
While dancing … listening,
My eyes will always watch you.
And while you move and turn and smile
Telling me you’re dreaming,
Then fingers playing with your hair
My lips will kiss and tell you tender
Beautiful, I love you
Reminding you I’m real.
I’m here besides…don’t worry.
I’m here I’ll never leave.
My lips will always tell you
I’m here and I love you.

To mournful_thyris.

Through the clouds you fly away
Just enough to take my mind
Making off with the last sun ray
And it's my soul you leave behind.

You fade alone and come to see
You’ve served nor prince nor king
But how easy is eternity
For an angel with a broken wing???

With your eyes, you take my look,
With your wide arms give me a hug.
With your lips so close to mines
With your wings you teach me fly…


to mournful-thyris

A sun ray falls from heavens highs
It shines in golden color,
In crystal water it refracts
In rainbows had you covered.

With naked feet on soft green grass
You come slowly towards me,
Your scent like thousands flowers
So silently embrace me.

An angel walks in front of me
The goddess of all beauty,
You smile and whisper softly
That finally you found me.

You kissed my lips, I hug you tender
Your eyes seduced my heart forever,
And so had born the love eternal
Pure love that all are crying after.



Would you spend 7000 euro on a bike?

Latest technology,guys from specialized pushed it beyond limits i can say.
If you see this one street consider yourself lucky, are only few made for professional riders.


Традиционный сделанный в домашних условиях алкоголь.

Слово palinca(палинка) или tuica(цуйка) означает что-нибудь для Вас?
Tuica является традиционным румынским алкогольным напитком сделанным путем ферментации и дистилляции чернослива, а иногда и других фруктов (яблоки, груши, абрикосы, вишню, Мирабель, персики, черешня, абрикосы).
содержание алкоголя - между 37.5 % и 86 %
Наиболее распространённый - от 50 до 62 градусов, может быть дистиллирован от одного до 3 раз.Натуральный на 100 процентов.Достаточно всего 100 граммов, чтобы опьянеть,зависит от индивидуальных возможностей каждого.
Если Вы будете иметь однажды возможность попробовать этот напиток, не думайте дважды, не упустите шанс.Это того стоит,Вы не успеете моргнуть как уже опьянеете.


Real hard sports requier strong men!
In my opinion cycling is one of the most hardest, dangerous , disciplined and beautiful sport on this planet after triathlon.
Why hardest? = try to ride 200 km in 6 hours lets say, and if youre lucky enough to be somewhere with no mountains.
why dangerous? = here are different factors.Riding fast in a group of 150 riders at a distance of few centimeters away of each other requiers high concentration to avoid mass falls.Going downhill at a speed over 70 km/h sometimes you can touch even over 100km/h, high risc of falling and die(cycling equipment won't save you in terrible crashes).Heart atack, heart failure, body failure...from trying to get better results.Psycological disorder, depression.... and others.
why disciplined? = you will need a perfect body to be able to race with other riders and to get best results.Special food diets, special recovery---masaje-relaxation-enough hours of sleep.Special trainings!
Why beautiful? = here is just about feling it!it's unexplainable.Passion sometimes is stronger than suffering and pain!
Here are some pics with few riders i like that can ride and have won important races as Le Tour de France, Giro di Italia Vuelta, World Championship and the Olimpics.